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Powerful new documentary, ‘The Infamous Future,’ showcases Eagle Academy Schools and the plan to pre

“I have the greatest story that has never been told.” Those bold words by David C. Banksimmediately draw you into “The Infamous Future,” a new documentary that focuses on the inspiring educators and exceptional students of the Eagle Academy For Young Men schools in New York City.

It’s a welcome glimpse into an educational model, sense of community spirit and support system that invests in young Black and brown men from inner-city communities. And, is helping to mold them into responsible leaders with strong character and a record of academic excellence.

Told through the eyes of teachers, students and alumni of Eagle Academy schools, it’s a moving story of how a mission to empower, uplift and support these young men has resulted in great success, and is defying the often-negative narratives conveyed about young Black and brown men in America.

“We have an opportunity each day to consider that the negative news isn’t the only news for the day, and take a look at something that is creating a different, positive headline through Eagle Academy,” said John Campbell who wrote and executive produced the film. “I wanted to write a story about something positive in education and hoped that it would motivate the viewer to be inspired.”

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