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The groundbreaking changemakers from the 2018 midterm elections ready to transform American politics

The 2018 midterm election resulted in many historic firsts for women and minorities in American politics. The groundbreaking victories for Black, Latinx, Native American, Muslim, LGBTQ and female candidates will usher in one of the most diverse groups of politicians in U.S. history.

Not only were a record number of women elected to Congress, but also an unprecedented number of female candidates ran for political office for the first time. At least 99 women will now represent Americans in the House, which surpasses the previous record of 84. As everyone was forecasting the force of a “blue wave,” what went ignored was the almighty “pink wave” that may just propel us to a more effective government.

The Democrats also regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, marking what is being a called rebuke of Donald Trump administration’s highly criticized policies on issues such as immigration, the economy and healthcare.

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