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Starting a Natural Lip Care Biz in Brooklyn

When Dionne Davis thought of starting a line of lip care products, her aim was simply to offer a variety of colors flattering to women of all skin tones.

But, after researching some of the ingredients that go into many popular lipsticks and lip glosses, she says her mission became twofold.

“I actually found a lot of disturbing factors that were included in lipsticks. Some of them were carcinogens and parabens, which are linked to cancer, and others were just icky,” Davis explained.

“I said OK, I no longer want this on my lips and I no longer want this on my children’s lips or anyone’s lips for that matter.”

The 42-year-old started using ingredients including shea butter, jojoba oil and vegan waxes to create lip tints and conditioners out of her East Flatbush home.

Starting a natural lip care line, Davis believed, could help make people more conscious about what was going on their lips and eventually into their bodies, and give them a wide range of color choices.

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